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Aims of Sports Law and Welfare Association of India are:
  • To provide Educational Opportunities and disseminate data and information regarding specific areas of sports law
  • To provide a forum for lawyers representing Athletes, Teams, Leagues, Conferences, Civic Recreational Programs, Educational Institutions and other Organizations involved in Professional, Collegiate, Olympic, Physical Education and Amateur Sports. SLAWIN's role is to foster the discussion of legal problems affecting sports and to promote the exchange of a variety of perspectives and positions of sports law
  • To promote and, where necessary, establish rules of ethics for sports persons and practicing professional of law, its members involved in sports law
  • To produce high quality research in the field of sport and the law
  • To publish widely and disseminate research findings
  • To provide up to date information on current sports law issues including a resource of sports law material
  • To provide consultancy to sportsmen and sports bodies concerning sports law issues
  • To promote undergraduate and postgraduate study, research and continuing education in sports law
  • To promote ethical solutions to legal issues in sport and notions of "Fair-Play"
  • To positively address all issues of discrimination in sport.

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